Welcome to Ersekë

The alpine town of Ersekë is the perfect place to explore all that Albania has to offer! You will experience the hospitality and generosity of the Albanian people in a breath-taking mountain setting!

Ersekë is located on the national road between Gjirokaster and Korce. It is at the foot of the Gramozi Mountains that separate Albania and Greece. Mount Gramozi is the third-highest peak in Albania, and you can climb to the top in one afternoon!

In addition to hiking in the Gramozi Mountains, there are a variety of other natural and cultural experiences that Ersekë offers. You can navigate your way through The Gorge, or visit the Ersekë Cultural Museum.

Ersekë is proud of its rich history, and has been the birthplace and home to many Albanian patriots and educators.

Please contact us at visiterseke@gmail.com if you have any questions about visiting Ersekë. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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